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Eric D Jones

Co-Founder, Executive Director


Eric DeWayne Jones, a proud native of Birmingham, Al, was blessed with an extraordinary upbringing. Born to the exceptional Orlando Jackson and the remarkable Mary Jones, Eric carries himself with a sense of purpose and determination that shines through his every endeavor. As the youngest of six for Orlando and the sole child of Mary, Eric understands the profound impact that influential figures can have on one's life. Reflecting on his own childhood, he acknowledges the absence of such influences and passionately shares his past experiences and gang affiliations to inspire today's youth to prioritize their education and be mindful of the company they keep. Such dedication is what propelled Eric to co-found the esteemed D.I.G. Mentoring Program, which wholeheartedly commits to fostering the development of children in local middle schools and high schools.

Not only does Eric excel in his mentoring endeavors, but he also actively plays a pivotal role in several prominent organizations. Previously serving as the esteemed North Central District Leader for the influential Full Gospel International Baptist Church under the dynamic guidance of Paul Morton, Eric demonstrated his unwavering dedication by spearheading a fundraising campaign that raised an impressive $25,000 to support children affected by sickle cell disease. Currently, he wholeheartedly serves as the Youth Pastor and Pastor of Media at the esteemed Mt. Zion Cathedral Church, brilliantly led by the visionary Bishop Awalski Moore. Furthermore, Eric assumes the significant responsibility of overseeing protocol for the esteemed Global United Fellowship Youth Department, diligently following the footsteps of his esteemed leader, Bishop Neil C. Ellis. In addition to his numerous commitments, Eric is the visionary founder and CEO of his very own enterprise, the EJ Media and Marketing Organization, expertly specializing in multimedia consulting.

Balancing his remarkable achievements, Eric always finds time to cherish the blessings of his personal life. Sharing a profound bond and 19 years of wedded bliss, he is devoted to his radiant and adoring wife, Mrs. Terria Jones, and their two delightful daughters, Ayrika and Morgan Jones. Eric DeWayne Jones truly epitomizes a man driven by purpose, firmly believing that his calling in life is to ignite transformative change within a generation, one remarkable young person at a time.


Terria R Jones

Co-Founder, Program Director


Terria R. Jones is not only a loving wife to her husband Eric Jones, but also a remarkable mother to their beautiful daughters, Ayrika and Morgan. Residing in Birmingham, Alabama, she has made a name for herself as a motivational speaker, mentor, and freelance makeup artist, earning her well-deserved recognition in the community.

Fueled by her passion for inspiring others, Terria regularly shares uplifting content on her YouTube channel, known as Terria R. Jones Speaks. Furthermore, she has dedicated five years of her life as the Youth Team Lead at Global United Fellowship, an internationally renowned ministry with an impressive network of 1100 churches spanning across 42 countries. Within her local church, she takes on the role of the Pastor of Exhortation, showcasing her leadership skills and commitment.

Terria's dedication to making a difference in the lives of others extends beyond the walls of the church. She actively engages in mentoring programs throughout Birmingham and its surrounding areas, collaborating with various schools to empower and guide young individuals.

However, Terria does not confine herself to a narrow scope of service, fully aware that the opportunities to contribute to the kingdom are limitless. In the past, she invested significant time ministering to female inmates at Tutwiler Prison and consistently provided spiritual guidance to men and women at work release centers. Her efforts aimed to encourage and uplift inmates, spreading hope and positivity wherever she went.

As an accomplished author, Terria has penned two impactful books. The first, titled "Church Hurt-The Message Behind The Makeup: You Can Heal," delves into the concept of healing after experiencing pain within church communities. Additionally, she co-authored a best-selling book called "The Comeback: How to Win Against Odds" with twelve other exceptional women. These literary achievements serve as testaments to Terria's remarkable talent and dedication to sharing powerful messages.

Continuing her journey of empowerment, Terria has recently embarked on an exciting endeavor: the creation of the women's ministry called Woman, BE. This visionary initiative aims to guide and inspire women to embrace their authentic, unapologetic, God-given authority. Through fostering personal growth and facilitating transformative inner work, this ministry empowers women to speak God's truth and witness its manifestation in their lives.

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